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give each space the right character

Floors that appeal to the imagination. Wide and long planks, herringbone, chevron, or concrete ...

 You realize that nothing is as beautiful as pure materials; with knots and veins.
But why does this wooden floor feel so comfortable?

The secret of the Therdex floors!

Collection overview

Discover all the beautiful qualities and colours.
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10 years

For more than 10 years, the landscape of PVC flooring has been a defining feature.

1001 variants

Wide collection of structures, colours and especially sizes


The right floor for every interior style


The collection is always on the move, every day we are looking for innovation.

about therdex

The Therdex brand was created in 2009. Especially in the period when PVC flooring started to become known. Immediately the focus became the product development. With the awareness that truly beautiful products make the difference. Products that convey the atmosphere of the material in a tangible and visible way. With the advantages of PVC!

eco and sustainability

With a Therdex PVC floor you choose a top product and that in all respects. Durability in the form of quality and a long lifespan is a self-evident factor.

Sustainability is also about the environment. The environment belongs to all of us, everywhere in the world. That's why we are committed to testing and certifying our products at all levels. Therdex uses mandatory labels but also has its products tested by test institutes that are not mandatory but do cooperate with a sustainable product.

A Therdex PVC floor is provided with bio plasticizers and ftlaat free. This is important for you, for us and especially for the environment.

quick sample service

Although we present the most beautiful photos, to make the right choice you need samples. 

Samples ordered before 3 p.m. will be shipped the same working day.

Made the right choice? Then we are happy to take the samples back, to use for the next application. It's very durable!

visualize and discover

View our collections from different perspectives and settings with our visualizer. Browse through an assortment of photos and change the floor with the click of a mouse. Installing a Therdex floor in a kitchen, living room, office or other space has never been easier and quicker. 

Get to work quickly and experience what Therdex does with the atmosphere of a space.