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In the Therdex knowledge centre you will find all the information you need for the floor. Orient, lay and maintain!

It is important that all laying instructions are followed when laying the floor. Take, for example, the advice to acclimatise. Perhaps one of the most important things to do when preparing the floor. We offer installation advice for each product group. 

Do you have questions about products, possibilities, installation or maintenance? Please feel free to contact us!


legal advice

Each laying pattern or product requires its own approach. Or points of attention. Download the laying instructions for the relevant product here. Well-prepared to get started! 


How do you maintain a Therdex floor? Are there any tips for long-term maintenance? You can read it all in the downloads below.


Inspiration? The Therdex brochure has grown into a true magazine. With the most diverse interiors and accompanying floors. Prefer to receive a "hard-copy"? Then send an e-mail to

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