Sustainability & environment

the environment is top priority

The floor is one of the most image-defining factors in the interior. However, there are more factors that are important for making the right choice. With a Therdex PVC Floor you choose a top product. A top product in all respects. Quality is a self-evident factor for us.

The environment belongs to all of us. Anywhere in the world. That's why we are committed to testing and certifying our products at all levels. Mandatory labels, but also test institutes that are not mandatory but reflect perfection in this respect.

Important: Therdex PVC Floors are provided with bio plasticisers and phtalate free.
This is an important point, for us, for you and especially for the environment.

bioweekmakers and ft lettuce

Bioweekmakers and ft-letting are two totally different things. You can be ftlaat free, without using bio-alarm makers. Therdex has both!

Plasticisers are fabrics that make plastics elastic. If a thermoplastic is so sturdy that little more can be done with it, a plasticizer is added to make it softer. Many plasticisers, especially phthalates, are suspected of having harmful effects on health when released from the plastics.

The release of phtalates can best be compared to condensation of moisture in a room: condensation on the windows. This is how phtalates also end up in the room. Therdex products are phtalate-free.

Therdex also uses plasticisers. Harmless to humans and the environment and biodegradable. A double ecological advantage.

plasticisers of soybean oil

90% of all plasticisers used are chemically constructed. Often these are approved excipients; at the same time we have to keep in mind that this remains a chemical process.

The plasticisers used by Therdex are made with soy oil. Non-polluting in (production) processes and biodegradable.

eco brochure

Do you really want to know everything about the Therdex Eco story? Then download the special themed brochure here. 

Would you rather receive a hard-copy? Then send an email to, orcontact  us.


15091 - design

The most special series of Therdex: the Design Series. The perfect match for a special impulse.

7004 - herringbone

You wonder if there's wood on the floor. And experience the advantages of PVC. So realistic!

10012 - stone

The basis for the industrial interior. A concrete look tile of 100×100 cm. Robust and tough!