product and production

the principle of PVC flooring

The starting point of Therdex PVC flooring is always the most natural approach to the material used. In other words: The matching of colour, material and finish (embossing) must be perfect.


We all know the floors as PVC Floors. Theoretically, this is a half-truth. The floor is made up of two back layers. A mixture of chalk and PVC. The print film is a very important one. It determines the look. But not without the finishing layers.

Of course plasticizers have to be applied to make the board flexible. We do that with bioweekmakers.
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The whole is then compressed into a solid and durable floor. This is then finished exactly according to size, bevelling (milled edges) and correct matting.


A perfect natural look requires more than just a beautiful print film. 

Usually we use the EIR (registered embossed) technique. Every knot, crack or other irregularity in the wood is pressed in exactly the right place. In this way we ensure that the structure is noticeably and visibly present. So natural!

always the right board size

When developing a new product, we always make sure that the purpose of the product is clear. 

The development of, for example, a Hungarian Point requires very different disciplines than an XstraLong plank of 180 cm. To mention just a few extremes. 

In terms of collection structure, we find it very important that the underlying coherence is always correct. For example, for each herringbone item there is a large plank available. Ideal for laying a floor with tape and piping. Downstairs herringbone and upstairs straight planks? You'll find it in the Therdex collection, without having to make any concessions.


Quiet or tough. Pronounced or refined? You'll always find it in the Therdex collection. A mix of formats, colours and designs.

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Leading in industrial design. Completely plain, or just flamed. Or what the Amato leistein thinks.

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From planks, to tiles, to carpet tiles. A logical and above all interesting collection. And perfectly combinable.

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